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Yes, cobalt chrome dentures are completely safe, but more than that, they are comfortable, secure, and durable. They are designed to be discreet and not cause any irritation to gums.

Absolutely, despite chrome being metallic it is a great material for partial dentures, being lightweight, easy-to-process and strong.

Yes they can be repaired, but this requires re-welding by a dental lab. If you have a broken clasp or fitting, get in touch today.

Yes, additional teeth can be added to an existing chrome denture, but this will require specialist work in a dental lab.

Yes, it is possible to be allergic to chrome cobalt so we recommend speaking to your GP to get a test prior to ordering them.

All dentists can work with Valplast so it's a good idea to speak to your current dentist for further information.

Valplast resin does not break easily, but comes with a lifetime warranty in case of wear and tear. This is applicable for the main resin base of the denture, you will need to consult a dentist for breaks to the teeth.

Valplast recommends to use the patented Val-Clean Denture Cleanser which can be purchased from

Yes, you can add extra teeth to a Valplast denture. The partial will need to be sent to a specialist dental lab, so consult your dentist to find out more.

Yes, it is possible to be allergic to Valplast products, but it is highly unlikely due to the material composition. Consult your dentist to get a test sample.

Valplast dentures are designed to be flexible which makes them ideal for partials, but full dentures need to be rigid which makes it unsuitable.

Valplast products ordered after 1st of October 2009 come with a unique 25-digit serial number on it's certificate of authenticity.

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