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The original flexible partial
  • Modern dental care advancements and techniques cannot always prevent the loss of natural teeth. To help replace extracted teeth there are many options available to the modern dental care professional, including implants, permanent bridges and removable appliances including chrome and acrylic prosthesis.
  • The Valplast Flexible Partial provides a comfortable, lightweight, unbreakable partial denture.
Upper Valplast Nesbitt
  • Like a chrome denture, Valplast partials are retained using clasps that snap into place. Made from the thin, semi-translucent material the clasps can appear invisible alongside the natural appearance of the gums.
  • Made from strong, durable plastic, the Valplast partial can be made extremely thin

eliminating the bulky feel experienced in traditional acrylic dentures.

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A guide to Valplast Dentures

Your mouth is constantly moving and changing shape, as you breathe, talk, eat, drink, yawn, etc. Ideally, shouldn’t your denture be flexible as well as durable?

Benefits of  partial dentures.
  • Chew and eat more easily
  • Articulate your words more easily
  • More confident in public
  • Maintain oral health. Missing teeth can cause longer term aches and pains
Further benefits of Valplast partials
  • More flexible, can adapt to the shape and movement of your mouth.
  • Guaranteed unbreakable material
  • Better aesthetics
  • Comfortable insertion and removal
  • Stable once inserted

Valplast is an unbreakable nylon resin which comes with a lifetime guarantee against breaks or fractures.

The process.

Creating a Valplast denture utilizes a lot of the techniques used in chrome production. From the wax try in stage… firstly designed and the model is surveyed and duplicated. Using special Valplast wax patterns a wax up is made on the duplicate model which is in turn flasked and then injected with Valplast resin. Once de-vested the Valplast is trimmed and polished. Our experience in chrome production helps us produce “show piece” standard Valplasts.

Innovative materials means the cost of a Valplast is higher than that of a chrome denture, however they can be very cost effective compared to other treatments for missing teeth making Valplast an affordable option.





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