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Cobalt Chrome

The stronger lightweight alternative to acrylic

Partial Upper Skeleton Multi-bar

Light weight, comfortable and retentive the chrome partial is the perfect solution when connecting saddle areas.

Lower Lingual Bar

Strong, lightweight and unobtrusive the lingual bar provides comfortable yet rigid support for the saddle areas. Here with flexible resin clasp LL4 for improved aesthetics.

Full Upper

Strong, lightweight and thin (0.4mm) the full plate is a perfect alternative to traditional, thicker, acrylic palates.

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A Guide to Cobalt Chrome Frameworks

Cobalt chrome (CoCr) alloys have a high wear-resistance and bio-compatibility, they also tends to be corrosion resistant and can therefore be used for surgical implants as well as removable partial dentures.Chemically inert they minimize the possibility of irritation, allergic reaction and immune response.

CoCr has been used as a denture base since 1929 due to lower cost and lower density compared with gold alloys. CoCr exhibits a higher modulus of elasticity and cyclic fatigue resistance which are significant factors in dental prosthesis.

Why choose a Cobalt Chrome Dental Framework?

When deciding on what type of prosthesis you should consider some of the following factors.

  • Patient has frequent fractures to their existing acrylic denture – CoCr has great strength
  • Patient has very tight bite, with little clearance in key tissue areas, when in occlusion – CoCr can be made in very thin section
  • Patient can’t tolerate the bulk and/or weight of a traditional acrylic denture –  CoCr frameworks are exceptionally light.
  • Cost – CoCr frameworks fall in between acrylic and Valplast in price and cost considerably less than fixed restorations such as bridges and implants. CoCr frameworks can be used in conjunction with implants and attachments to form a stable denture base
  • Patients who have retention problems with their existing denture could benefit from the extra retention gained from a CoCr framework without the use of sticky fixatives.



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